Editing is a process like landscape gardening where the gardener shapes the land to conform to the architect’s design. A design that communicates to the visitor the architect’s ideas and intentions of what a garden should be.  Writing is no different.  Whether you are a journalist writing copy, a student writing a thesis, an author writing a fiction or non-fiction work or a managing editor in a publishing house commissioning manuscripts from authors for publication, the one common need is that you need an editor to proofread, copy edit and provide feedback on narrative style, consistency and logic of the manuscript so that the author’s intent to the reader is clearly communicated.  I am able to provide such a service.

I am an editor with a strong background in legal and online publishing equipped with easily transferable editorial skills that can be applied to publishing systems and general content publishing (both fiction and non-fiction).  I have consistently produced thoroughly edited legal reference material such as law reports, current awareness updates, commentary, precedents and legal digests ahead of schedule and below budget with the proven ability to oversee the publishing process from inception to final product.  I also have liaised with writers, authors and external customers and have met their concerns and requirements with effective solutions.

I work on Gadigal Land and pay my respects to the elders of this land past, present and emerging.

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